JOURNAL 01 — 2019

Who the f*ck are the


The Latin word for the ‘Future’ is ‘Futurae’ and the Sanskrit word for ‘Human Race’ is ‘Loka’.
     This mark represents the mixed beauty of the heritage of the ‘Futurae Loka’ (A.K.A Earthlings of a mixed heritage background.)   

And these are our stories.

I say stories and not articles because I think it’s important for us to teach the open minded lessons that our experiences growing up, and moving through life with the autonomy to move between different cultures gives us.
     How seemingly at first the emotions of feeling as if we are somewhat lacking and don’t belong to our heritages is not true, and instead we have the power to create and forge our own, new and inspiring identities.
     With the growing tensions between people of all kinds, we should tell of the encouraging benefits of living a multicultural lifestyle, which many of us already do, yet fail to realise.